Guidi, since 1968 the made in Italy for the nautical industry.

We manufacture water strainers, safety intake non-stick valves, thru-hulls, seacocks, fittings and hydraulic accessories for boating.

If you want to savour the beauty of navigating with the wind in your sails, you have to rely on the right products.

Guidi’s products tell stories of reliability, safety and no worries about maintenance. For half a century.


Famiglia GuidiEvery idea derives from a problem.

We create products designed to:

  • resolve
  • simplify
  • help

These are the aims that power our work.
Experience and enthusiasm: these are the words that embody our active, focused, optimistic approach and attitude. Quality, research, selection, checks, rigour: other words that are not the only core values Guidi seeks to be known for.

About us

Our commitment since 2008:

to promote culture, and to raise awareness of the principles and engage people in the aims of sustainable development.

We endeavour to transmit our message and channel our efforts, so that we can make our own small yet significant contribution to:

  • aiding global development
  • promoting human wellbeing
  • safeguarding the environment