The 17th Moscato Rally, the only Italian leg also valid for the Swiss Championship and a stage on the First Zone Regional Championship, took place on 21 and 22 July 2018.

This two-day event will see entrants gripping the asphalt of the splendidly winding hills of Moscato D’Asti wine country, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Given the weather conditions, the choice of tyres was of fundamental importance, especially for the second race of the day, during which the rain caused problems for most of the drivers.

Elwis Chentre took home a victory thanks to an outstanding performance. The Aosta Valley driver, paired with Elena Giovenale, won six of the nine special stages scheduled.

Our team, in a Renault Clio R3C driven by Gianluca Quaderno with navigator Lara Zanolo, came first among the two-wheel drive vehicles at the end of a very fast race that was close all the way.

Gianluca and Lara said they were a little disappointed at losing the 10th position overall right on the last race, and by a hair’s breadth at that!

They added, however, that they were very satisfied with the excellent result obtained, which also takes them to the top of the provisional ranking of the Rally Clio R3 Italian Open Trophy.

Hats off and well done to our team, for their hard work and tenacity and for the fun, friendly approach they’re known for in every situation!