The 24th Valli Cuneesi Rally officially opens the season of the Italian Cup with 120 competitors, combined with the 11th historic Rally of Cuneese.

Our crew, Quaderno-Zanolo, on Renault Clio R3 P.R.T. garage, had a great start and gained an excellent result.

The race was on 7 special stages, 3 trials to be repeated. A total of 402 kilometres of which 87 timed.

  • Montemale: 10.7 Km of the route to be repeated 3 times
  • Valmala: 20 km of the route to be repeated 2 times
  • Brondello: 7 km of the route to be repeated 2 times

The Valli Cuneesi, in addition to awarding the Trophy in memory of Johnny Cornaglia, also has validity for the Renault Clio R3 Italia Open and Race with Clio N3.

In the Renault R3 Italia Trophy, our crew won the first result, obtaining the maximum score available in a race with a coefficient of 1.2. Heavy points in the championship optics.

Here are the numbers in the standings:

  • Johnny Cornaglia Memorial winners
  • 1st classified for cars with 2 Driving Wheels
  • 1st classified for class R3
  • 1st place in the Renault Italy Trophy
  • 11th place overall

Not bad as a start! The end of 2017 in Monza, had left the couple Quaderno-Zanolo with a bitter feeling and this start of the season was needed!

A team that sees positive and is able to get back into the game, which always gives its best even in the most difficult conditions. A close-knit, serious, professional team that knows how to give the best: we believe in their commitment and we wish an extraordinary season to Gianluca, Lara and the entire Team!

Indeed, spec-ta-cu-lar!


Dronero, April 26th, 27th, 28th, 2018