“Regret”. This feeling for Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo returning from the trip to Sardinia in the 3rd Rally Parco Geominerario.

A sudden mechanical failure stopped the crew during the Race in Sardinian territory.

The strong team from Speed ​​Fire Racing Team, hosted for the occasion by the Sardinia Racing Team, was forced to retire on the penultimate special stage scheduled while they occupied an excellent 2nd position in their class and 10th overall.

The bad day of the Grignasco team gave its signs since the start of the race where they were unable to express themselves at the usual level, due to the lack of confidence with the brakes of the “new” car made available to them by the Autofficina P.R.T.

The car was taken directly to the starting line because the rules did not allow the usual shake down to set the car in race configuration.

After losing important seconds on the first three special stages during the first round, the second one saw a clear improvement on all three timed sections, thanks to the settings made by the mechanics in the service park.

During the seventh special stage, an unexpected mechanical failure forced the Grignasco team to retire just as they were trying to attack an achievable first position in their class.

A different, beautiful and very technical race”, the comment “leaves us a bitter taste in our mouth not having been able to show our and car’s potential since the start. However, we would like to thank all friends and fans for their availability and their warm local welcoming. It will certainly be an experience to be repeated in the future!

Back home we are already looking forward to the next competition scheduled for the end of July on the closer Ossola roads.

Stay tuned.