A great and important motoring weekend on the roads of Biella: the one that saw the return of the 31st Rally della Lana.

The Rally della Lana is a historic race that needs no introduction, now presented in a modern key with unprecedented special tests and distinguished audience choreography.

A demanding race that saw the brothers Ivan and Marina Carmellino and their Skoda Fabia R5, dominate over all 97 crews.

Valsesian domination, therefore, in Biella in the Lana of the return.

Very well also our Valsesian crew: Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo from Grignasco.

For them another victory with a fast and attentive race, with their Renault Clio R3, cared for by the boys of the Autofficina P.R.T, always close to the most powerful 4×4 cars.

The result adds and increases the positive series of victories in the tight fight for the Trofeo Renault Open Italy. The trophy will end in October and that will keep us in suspense until the last meter of the race!

Biella, August 26th, 2018