An important motoring weekend on the roads of Biella for the return of the Rally della Lana, for its 31st edition.

The Rally della Lana is a long-established race that needs no introduction, given a modern twist with new challenges and choreographies worthy of big audiences.

This tough race saw the brother and sister team Ivan and Marina Carmellino in their Skoda Fabia R5 leaving all 97 starter teams behind.

Victory, then, for the Valsesia duo in Biella for the return of the Rally della Lana.

An impressive performance too for our Valsesia team, Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo from Grignasco, who chalked up another victory in a fast, attentive race with their Renault Clio R3, looked after by the boys from Autofficina P.R.T, always on the heels of the more powerful 4×4 vehicles.

This result is a welcome further addition to the run of victories in the closely fought battle for the Renault Italian Open Trophy, which will end in October and will keep us with bated breath until the very last metre!

Biella, August 26th, 2018