The Como Rally edition number 37, that took place over the weekend of 19th – 20th October, not only had a fundamental role in the awarding of the WRC Italian Champion title, it was also the last and decisive appointment of the Renault R3 and N3 Italian Open trophies.

138 teams left Como ready to fight on the backbone roads surrounding the famous lake.

Two intense and high-performance days of racing saw the award of the Italian WRC title to Albertini – Fappani in a Ford Fiesta WRC.

The last round of the Renault R3 Open trophy for the Quaderno-Zanolo team was not easy at all and not up to expectations.

After a season that saw them as protagonists, constantly at the top of the trophy rankings, in the race that was worth the title, the crew from Valsesia is forced to retire at the end of the first stage.

They started very well and were fast on the first special stage, after winning the fourth and final round of the day, when a sudden brake problem caused a violent collision that irreparably damaged their Renault Clio putting the end word for them to the race and to the chances of chasing the title.

For pilot and navigator, some bruises and a lot of bitterness for not having been able to fight until the end in reaching the prefixed goal, which they had demonstrated they could have obtained.

The comment of Gianluca Quaderno coming back from the Como race:

After a season at the top, we really didn’t need a final like that. I want to thank those who have followed and supported us in this adventure, which still remains in any case positive. Now it will be soon time to get down to work to better prepare for the new competitive season. We’ll see you next year.