38th ACI Trophy Como, 25th – 26th October 2019

After the victory in zone 1 and the sole final qualification, the 2nd place in the Rally Cup Italia in R3C and the 4th place in the Clio R3 Open Trophy leave our crew filled with utter bitterness.

On the 38th ACI Como Trophy arrival stage, the time has come for Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo to sum up a season that saw them as protagonists, among the R3C cars.

If the results obtained in zone 1, with the ACI Sport Rally Cup and Clio R3 Open Trophy victories, have highlighted a more than positive year for the Grignaschese driver, what he experienced on the insidious Lombard special stages, in the recent weekend, did not give the expected confirmations.

A very competitive starters grid, by virtue of the sole final qualification for both series, saw the Speed ​​Fire Racing driver start motivated during the first day and then pay a wrong choice of tires during the second day, the longest and most decisive of the entire competition.

Good but not very well; after a demanding high-level season we lingered in the decisive race. After winning, in zone 1, both the ACI Sport Rally Cup and the Clio R3 Open Trophy, in the Como final we did not be as efficient as we wanted. Of course, we were hoping for something better to close 2019, but we can’t complain. Here the starters grid was of the highest standard. We knew from the eve that it would be very hard. What remains is still a 2019 that has given us so much satisfaction. A sincere thanks goes to the sponsors, to those who support us, to our Speed ​​Fire Racing stable and to the Autofficina P.R.T. team for the excellent car and the technical support.

Quaderno commented.

Once the championship commitments are over, our crew will be at the start through the Monza kerbs for the 4th Special Rally Circuit always, always with Clio R3 with Autofficina P.R.T..