Quaderno – Zanolo first once more, this time at the 4th Rally of Vigneti Monferrini.

The 4th edition of the Rally of Vigneti Monferrini took place in the first weekend of August, with a bright dominance in class R3 of Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo.

In fact, the crew from Grignasco won all 8 special stages in the program, confirming their superiority and spectacularism, thus gaining an undisputed class record and an excellent 12th place overall.

A great show of strength and success on all fronts; it is with this extremely positive situation that the team from Grignasco comes back from the trip on the roads of the Asti hills.

A first place in their class after having changed categories again and returned to the “usual” Renault Clio R3, managed by the Autofficina P.R.T team.

The champions of Speed ​​Fire Racing team, although limited on the first special stages by a brake problem, have fully showed their potential by always setting times at the top of their class, reaching the podium of two-wheel drive cars, in front of several more performing four-wheel drive cars.

A complicated but beautiful race! It cannot be described differently. We are really satisfied with the result. We had fun and we hope to have entertained the warm public present on the special stages. Just little regrets for some situations that limited us in the beginning, but we can’t complain at all: our Clio has once again shown its potential and its reliability. After a few races with different cars, we immediately found the right feeling to express at our best. Teamwork has rewarded us again.

So, the Canelli race passes the summer exam with full score. The new date of August represented a tasty novelty for the event. Competitors, professionals and enthusiasts were able to admire the beauty of the area in a new guise compared to the classic late winter – early spring location.