#4CoralReefs – Protect the coral reef

Today, the health of our oceans is being threatened from all sides.

Whether it is water pollution, global climate change or ocean acidification, the issues simply can no longer be ignored.
Tons of trash enter the ocean everyday choking our fragile ecosystems. Including one of the most important: the coral reef.
The organisms that used to thrive on these reefs are showing signs of the cumulative effects of this man-made assault. Their very existence is now at risk.

That’s why 4Ocean‘s cleanups are so important. Supporting 4Ocean, we at Guidi help save coral reefs.

Coral reefs support the highest marine biodiversity in our oceans and they are home to more than 25% of all marine life.
About one-quarter of the coral reefs worldwide are already considered to be damaged beyond repair. Massive coral bleaching events have been occurring more often worldwide and the frequency has a devastating and prolonged effect.

Just recently the largest reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, experienced this type of events. As much as 22% of this World Heritage Site had significant coral mortality.

Coral reefs are found in 109 countries around the world and in 93 of those countries they have seen significant degradation in the last few decades, making this a truly global problem.

4Ocean partnered with the Coral Restoration Foundation to create a more sustainable future for coral reefs. This organization is on the front lines in the effort to understand the complex issues related to coral reef degradation and is creating solutions to help save and repopulate the world’s dying reef systems.

We purchased a large number of 4Ocean limited edition bracelets.
These bracelets represent the fight for the protection of coral reefs all over the world and the steps that are being taken to help save these threatened ecosystems.

Each bracelet will not only remove one pound of trash from the ocean and the coastlines, it will also help support the science-driven work of the Coral Restoration Foundation. The Foundation grows critically endangered corals and outplants back them into the wild.

Each of us can play a small role in this or in other battles. It is not only about coral reefs; whales, bears, seas in general, sharks… are also endangered…

Purchase, wear one of these bracelets and spread the word. We should all take responsibility for a more sustainable future for our oceans!

Furthermore, we can give our contribution also by bringing some changes to our daily lifestyle: reduce, reuse and recycle the things that are causing these problems.

We at Guidi are working hard, and you?