New car, usual result. Another success at 5° Rally Il Grappolo.

After an excellent start on the “well known” Clio, Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo are the leading team again.

After winning at Motor Rally Show in March, they got another important success last weekend, winning the 5° Rally Il Grappolo, this time with a little Peugeot 208R2B.

The two days event on roads of Colline Alfieri confirmed what was expected. Big fun and show were the characteristics of this 5° edition of Rally Il Grappolo, starting from the 183 cars at the starting line.

Beside numbers, the starting race of Coppa Rally Zona Aci Sport and Trofeo Michelin Zone Cup had a list of top drivers. Among them the best locals but also some foreign ones.

Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo won the first position in the numerous R2B category. The Grignasco team got the lead from the very first stage, letting the first position to the followers only in one stage of the six raced.

Driving their Peugeot 208 of P.R.T garage, the two members of Speedfire team ranked 17th overall, showing once more their abilities no matter which car they drive.

Much attention was given to the streaming of the race, by Nicola Villani. All updates available on