Excellent feedback from both professionals and the general public at Genoa Boat Show

Guidi Srl’s hectic month, which had started off with the SMM in Hamburg (from 6th to 9th), came to an end at the  62nd Genoa International Boat Show (from 22nd to 27th).

As in previous years, the stand was set up in Pavilion B, although in a slightly different area: Tech Trade area, TP06.

The outcome of the event is extremely satisfactory, for a number of reasons. Let us see a few.

First of all, the large number of visitors (103,000 overall in the 6 days of the Show, +10% against 2021) meant that frequent calls at Guidi’s stand, too; on Saturday 24th, in particular, the showgrounds were really crowded.

Getting to meet boat owners and yachting enthusiasts in person is vital for a company, particularly for the manufacturer of highly technical accessories, and Guidi received excellent feedback from its visitors: many people stopped simply to confirm the high quality of the products, many more asked for advice or additional information on the characteristics of components, materials, installation and maintenance operations.
The Longer Life Option, in particular, was very much appreciated by the public, and Guidi’s reputation as a reliable company manufacturing only long-life products grew even stronger.

The Show also highlighted a general increased awareness on materials: the importance of using bronze to prevent corrosion, for example, is by now well-known to (almost) everyone. As for beginners… well, they will learn!

Italian and foreign professional operators (clients, dealers, distributors, suppliers, partners, etc…), too, took the opportunity to make contact or strengthen existing relations with the Company, and several projects are still ongoing with several universities and class certification bodies.

Technologies and digitalization are no doubt necessary, and they are certainly a great thing… but there is nothing like meeting face to face and shaking hands!

Ocean sailor Andrea Fantini, who continues his fruitful cooperation with Guidi, and a group of employees accompanied by their families also came to the Show on Saturday, to spend a day out amongst the yachts, pleasantly ended with a convivial dinner.

To conclude, Genoa Boat Show 2022 confirmed Guidi’s aware growth and added momentum to its drive to evolve further and pursue new objectives in the near future.