A snakebit final: the deciding race is always a stand-alone race in itself, due to the tension competitors feel in view of an irrevocable result.

One may therefore risk being disappointed by not having been able to compete at the best of their ability. This was the case for the Valsesia team at theĀ Rally del Lazio.

The final of Coppa Italia, access to which they had gained by coming first in the R3 Class in the Zone 1 Rally Cup.

As if the inclement weather conditions were not enough, with heavy rain lashing the roads in the area around Frosinone, bad luck struck too, putting an early end to the decisive race for the CRZ Italian title.

A water infiltration caused an electrical system failure, literally pulling the plug to the excellent work the team had done so far throughout the season.

Bad luck aside, we are nevertheless satisfied with our racing season. We managed to be fast and competitive in all types of racing. We would like to thank the Autofficina P.R.T. team for the ever-performing car and, above all, our Partners/Friends who support us and make all this possible.

Another year of professional racing thus comes to an end for our team, who, with their 2nd place at the Rally Lana in July and their victory at the Rally Merende in October, could boast 4 victories and 2 other podiums in the 6 previously disputed races.

Now they will enjoy a short Christmas break before resuming training in early January to get ready for a brand-new season.