Alessandro Ciffo


Alessandro CiffoBorn in Biella, near Turin, in 1968, he met the world of design and plastic materials only in 1997. Self-teaching and self-production are the key words of his artistic journey, based on the extreme research for the potentialities of silicone his one and only medium, which is the only material capable of fully expressing his emotions.

With an outstanding technical control, mastered through tireless experimentations and endless patience, Alessandro creates artefacts that cannot be easily classified, as they are a crossroads between art and design.

In a riot of bright colours, vivid whites and absolute blacks, a humble material like silicone grows to be poetry, just like the finest chinaware, the most precious woods and marbles. Alessandro is a blend of many characters, which are usually separate in our contemporary world: a workman, an artist, a designer and a manufacturer who makes his own products. Alessandro is a modern alchemist, capable of transmuting matter into material through invention and wit, even capable of turning it into the setting of his project, with the intention of arousing emotions.

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