Milan, June 28th and 29th 2018

The Nautica Italiana members’ meeting reconfirmed Lamberto Tacoli at the helm of the association for another three years.

Reconfirmed as Vice Presidents:

  • Michele Gavino, Deputy Vice-President responsible for Budget, B2B relations between Large and SME members and Quality of the Supply Chain
  • Giovanna Vitelli, Vice President responsible for Institutional Relations, Relations with Altagamma and Design Engineers

The new entries:

  • Claudio Galbo, Vice President with responsibility for Communication, Events and Relations with other Associations
  • Daniele Guidi, Vice President with responsibility for Accessory Manufacturers and Sustainability
  • Matteo Italo Ratti, Vice President with responsibility for Legislative, Marine and Services

The Councillors, representing all the sectors that make up the Association, from shipbuilding to refitting, from marinas to services, from RIB to accessories, from design to engineering:

  • Alberto Amico, Cataldo Aprea, Fabio Pesto, Dino Salvemini, Enrico Sgarbi and Giancarlo Galeone.

I am particularly proud again to accept the nomination for President of Nautica Italiana and grateful to all the member companies for trusting not only me and the new Presidential Committee, but also the continuity of an innovative project, strategic for the present and the future of our sector, surely galvanized by the recovery of the markets, but also called to face new and complex challenges. The spirit of this new term will be based on some goals that have always been fundamental for us: cross-cutting policy to represent the entire excellence chain of the Made in Italy in the marine sector; protect and at the same time connect our tradition with global markets and in particular support small and medium-sized enterprises and territories; stretch out our hand to all the other forces, institutional and associative, that want to collaborate for placing the boating industry at the centre of attention of both the national and European agendas.

Lamberto Tacoli

During the meeting the members went through the most significant moments of the first three years. Some of them:

  • the first two editions of the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous
  • the B2B Day, which for the first time connected the companies associated with Nautica Italiana, offering the opportunity to meet producers and suppliers.
  • the “Nautica Italiana Academy” project, in which the Association becomes partner of prestigious universities such as the Diten of La Spezia, the Bologna Business School, and the Polytechnic University of Milan, to provide its members with services in the fields of research and development, talent acquisition and training
  • the presentation of the new “Market Monitor Deloitte” at the 2018 Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous
  • the partnership with the Chinese group Visun that will support SMEs in expanding their activities on the Chinese market
  • collaborations with Rina, Navigo, Lega Navale and Assonautica, to benefit from a synergistic network of opportunities and services
  • recognition of Nautica Italiana amongst the experts of the European Commission-DG Enterprise.

The renewed nomination of Lamberto Tacoli guarantees continuity in the projects and is also an important recognition for the work carried out in the first three years.

The appointment of Daniele Guidi from Councillor to Vice-President is a big step for Guidi within the association. It is a very important task and, for a company our size, it means having more burdens, commitments, responsibilities but it will also be a source of satisfaction, goals, achievement. Daniele will carry out his duties in the company and in the association with seriousness, dedication, care, mindfulness: here at Guidi we are always willing to do and to give our utmost!