Rally 2 Lakes, City of Domodossola (VB) – April 8th and 9th, 2017

Last weekend saw the start of a new important sports sponsorship collaboration with the crew, composed by Gianluca Quaderno and Marina Carmellino, belonging to the Speed Fire Racing stable of Borgosesia (VC).

On board of their Renault Clio N3, of P.R.T. garage, the Quaderno / Carmellino couple started a high level season, with their 1st absolute place of class and the 26th absolute position with an adjoining victory in the Trophy of the Merende.

We had great fun. – Quaderno said – I want to thank Marina, once again, she has given ample proof of her professionalism and I take this opportunity to give her a big Good Luck for the final of the Rally Italy Talent scheduled for this weekend.

The next appointment for Gianluca Quaderno is the Rally City of Varallo (VC) in less than a month.