Following the regattas on the GUIDI FRA 156, we have decided to keep sailing with Andrea Fantini, this time embarking upon a slightly different adventure.

We will sail Milaï around the World with Andrea, Japanese skipper Masa Suzuki, and Koji Nakagawa.

12-metre-long ocean racing boat Milaï FRA 101, also a Class40, will be taking part in the Globe40, a round-the-world race in 8 legs that will cover a total distance of 55,000 km. The Globe 40 started off in June with the Prologue and will finish in March 2023. This round-the-world race combines racing with the peculiarity of a route that takes skippers off the beaten track.

Milaï and her crew got off to a great start by winning the Prologue: 1,884 miles in 7 days, 2 hours and 25 minutes at an average speed of 11.06 knots.

In this first leg of the round-the-world race, which started from Tangier on 26 June and reached the bay of Mindelo on the island of Sao Vicente (Cape Verde), our team sailed an excellent race.

Sailing in steady trade wind, they recorded a daily average of 300 miles on their way to Madeira. The tactic was the outcome of a thorough analysis carried out before the start by weather guru Christian Dumard, and saw Milaï build a lead of around 70 miles ahead on her closest opponent – an advantage she maintained in the second part of the route to the Canaries by avoiding the large wind shadow created by Tenerife, before closing in on the African coast. Milaï then tacked first off Mauritania and set a direct course to Cape Verde.

The next leg is due to depart on 17 July from the Bay of Mindelo (Sao Vicente – Cape Verde), bound for Mauritius: 7,000 miles from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, with the first of the three great capes to be rounded, the Cape of Good Hope.
The aim of the crew and of the Milaï “Around the World” project during this round-the-world race is to highlight that we have a chance to hand down to the future generations not a perilous world, but a living planet. Our undertaking starts from our work, our research and our commitment to manufacturing longer-lived products, producing less waste, and promoting more solidarity, and deepens its roots in shared values. We believe in this project and want to pursue and promote its goals and objectives together with the whole team.

In Japanese, Milaï means “future”. And the future, like the present, is a raison d’être, something that motivates us to get up every morning, what in Japan is beautifully call ikigai.

This is a new, great adventure, one that involves different scenarios, circumstances and values that are important in our work too, sports, different cultures and languages, competition, tactic, personal and team commitment… with a common denominator for all: the future!

There is a need for solidarity, not only towards those who are near and present, but also towards those who are further away in time and space. Humanity must learn to love the idea of leaving future generations a living planet. [From ” Limits to Growth – The 30 Year Update”- by Donella Meadows, Dennis Meadows, Jorgen Randers].