The union between art and industry and the new ways of communicating: an event in Venice of Guidi Srl and Studio Anna Fileppo.

An unusual evening in a beautiful Venetian historical building to meet professionals from various fields, including modern artworks by artists from all over the world. With this idea in mind, Guidi Srl and Studio Anna Fileppo gathered in Venice on Thursday, October 5th, with a selected guest group.

There was a talk about communication, art, industry and, above all, the “virtuous” interweaving of these three areas.

Guest of honour was Alessandro Ciffo, a silicone-specializing artist, internationally renowned. It is no coincidence that Ciffo is one of the only three Italians whose works are exhibited at Palazzo Michiel within the Venice Design, exhibition, curated by the GlobalArtAffairs Foundation (13 May Р26 November 2017).

And right in the picturesque Palazzo Michiel, we discussed how art can help companies build their own image in order to stand out and create a strong brand identity.

I’m an art passionate and I work with many businesses in the most varied sectors. Connecting artists and industry can create great benefits for everyone, and Guidi is an exemplary case,” explains Anna Fileppo. “Modern patronageis a clever form of high-end brand positioning, which with traditional marketing means is not always achieved“, she concludes.

Guidi chose this path a few years ago, to communicate and strengthen its already solid reputation based on product quality: “Over time we have created a beautiful network of artists with whom we collaborate: photographers, sculptors, designers, etc. Their works are exhibited at the fairs we attend, but also in events we organize to expand our portfolio of customers and contacts“, adds Daniele Guidi, Quality Manager.

“I was fortunate enough to meet a company that believed in me, helping me to develop my artistic path. Today, the synergies between art and industry are many, and the tendency is to further intensify these contacts, but at the time Guidi was very far-sighted in understanding the potential of this union. I want to say to young artists not to be discouraged if they find the companies doors closed because more and more are opening them”, Alessandro Ciffo.


November 14th, 2017, Art & Industry – A new way of communicating the corporate image