As sprouting grass grows, without making a sound… – Portofino Circolo Nautico Magazine – Interview by Marco Poli

This could well describe Daniele Guidi: a sober young man, affable, calm and athletic who himself inspires trust and also represents a trustworthy Italian managerial class, divorced from bombastic declarations, quietly building solid alliances and relationships, following guidelines that benefit the sector in which it operates. In the past, he would have been called a good person – una bella persona.

These are certainly the reasons, among others, that convinced Nautica Italiana to choose Daniele for the role of Vice President.


Daniele, you are working alongside Lamberto Tacoli, manager of Perini Navi, reappointed together with you to be at the head of Nautica Italiana for a further 3 years. You hold this role alongside Giovanna Vitelli, Michele Gavino, Matteo Italo Ratti and Claudio Galbo. What, exactly, has been your role as Vice President?

I have managed the relationships with the Accessories Division, as well as everything to do with sustainability – which today is no longer optional. Sustainability has considerable margins for development.


In the name of the cultural crossover present within the representation of all Made in Italy excellence, what were the first initiatives you were involved in and which you will be involved in? What are your official duties?

From the start for a topic I am passionate about: sustainability communication. We set out this programme to work alongside Michele Gavino for the B2B part between shipyards, accessory dealers and out-fitters operating under the auspices of the Università Politecnico in Milan and the Faculties of Naval Engineering in Genova and La Spezia in May2017, and we then brought this format into the company, starting in fact with Guidi srl in March this year, with great success both with participation and with content.


Is there any dialogue between you and your counterparts in institutions from other countries? Can constructive discussion in the Nautical Industry succeed where government politics cannot? On a European level? Worldwide?

One of my duties is to make it possible for accessory dealers to visit European companies. To organize missions where the exchange with other expert businesses affords an enriching experience and a more exact vision of the market we operate in: the global market. Holland is one of these countries.


How do you reconcile this appointment, taken in association with that of Councillor for small to medium-sized business for the Novara region and that of Head of Quality for Guidi your family firm? Who takes care of your diary with you and your daily schedule?

These are mainly complementary roles. The contacts are valuable for my roles both in Nautica Italiana and in Guidi. Through these relationships, I am given the opportunity to get to know businesses that are parallel to our own. I am in a privileged position that allows me a close-up look at the entire Sailing and Hydraulics supply chain. Thanks to API (Association for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) on the other hand, I deal with the industry’s engineering sector. My diary is an ongoing process, engagements that I largely carry out alone but which I share with my colleagues and with my wife, Enrica Pastore. Enrica has given life to projects linked to sustainability for Guidi which she communicates together with me. She also has the role of Social Media Manager and the running of this important activity starts with her!


What do you bring to Nautica Italiana from your wealth of experience in Guidi? Is there an advantage to be gained from the vision of the market which is only available to an export-oriented entrepreneur?

Yes, certainly. Through Guidi I have the privilege of debate with international players. I frequent the principal markets and by speaking directly to our clients I am brought up to date on the performance of the industry from those working within it. I have a continuous rating of the markets: who is going up and who is going down, and this allows me to make considered and rational decisions.


Do you and Enrica engage with other young couples in Nautica Italiana? Do you share a common vision?

The Nautica milieu is a lovely one which can also be very informal. We often have the opportunity to share our views in a personal and direct manner with other couples and people from the industry. We enjoy it and find it enriching: both on a personal and on a professional level.

Come erba che germoglia

As sprouting grass grows, without making a sound…
Portofino Circolo Nautico Magazine – Interview by Marco Poli
April/May 2019