The challenge between bronze and brass as the best material for nautical use. And some in-depth bonuses. (Downloadable research in PDF).

On the boats, the hydraulic systems have changed. Today they are much more sophisticated, advanced and technologically perfected, they are connected to electrical and electronic systems, they are much more delicate.

For this reason, the possible corrosion of the accessories used can cause serious damage and, consequently, expensive repairs.

At the time of purchase, accessories are often underestimated. Sometimes to save a handful of euros, sometimes for poor product knowledge. If then also joins a lacking and little careful maintenance, you’re done.

Here are the problems: corrosion of the pipes, blocking of the valve handles, leaks that can become harmful, malfunctions in the engine room…

The accessories we are talking about go with the ship owners at sea and are part of the desalination, conditioning and cooling systems of the main and secondary motor units:

  • valves
  • filters
  • water intakes
  • thru-hulls
  • fittings
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