About Us

Ideas and enthusiasm, values and satisfaction.

Every idea stems from a problem.

We create products designed to resolve, simplify and help.
These are the aims that drive our business. Half a century of reliability, safety and no-hassle maintenance.

More space required.

You can find us in Grignasco, in the province of Novara, where our headquarters and manufacturing plant extend over an area of 9,500 m². We’re planning on expanding our premises to increase the production area and renovate our office space.

In and beyond Italy.

We operate in both the domestic and international nautical market. We supply the largest Italian and foreign shipyards with products for pleasure and professional boats, directly or through our distributors.

Working with enthusiasm.

Safety is more than just a product; it’s a whole process, from the raw materials to the delivery of the finished element. It involves commitment, human values, and trust in our ideas. Experience and enthusiasm: these are the words that embody our active, focused, optimistic approach and attitude.

Core values.

We also call them knot values, because we like to imagine a long rope with a series of knots, each representing the values we believe in. The knots represent our core values, like passion for what we do, respect for the people we work with, and the principled approach that’s been our hallmark for the past 50 years.


Over the last 50 years, we’ve created solid, authentic relationships with our clients, suppliers and partners. Today, these companies, these people are the best guarantee we have to offer, a living testimony of our mutual satisfaction.