Here is a new update on Italian situation and how we will handle it at Guidi’s.

OMS officially declared the pandemic spread of the Coronavirus. Figures are not encouraging in the latest days.

Ursula Von Der Leyen, EU Commission President, expressed Italy her support and promised concrete help in fighting the Coronavirus.

Dear Italians, I confirm you are not alone in this difficult moment. Italy is part of Europe and Europe suffers with Italy. In Europe we are all Italians.

Italian Government increased existing measures to slow down the virus spreading, with the risk of collapsing Italian sanitary system.

Last night Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte informed on new measures in order to slow down the Coronavirus spreading. After having applied restrictions to the whole Italian territory, Government decided to shut down all “non necessaries” economic activities.

Finance actions will then be required to avoid collapsing of economic system.

New measures will be valid March 12th to 25th.

Manufacturing and professional activities will not stop; some recommendations to work safely in respect of sanitary norms were implemented.

At Guidi’s we will keep working following decree norms:

  • Smart working was implemented for those activities possible from home.
  • Workers who cannot do their job with smart working will take some holiday shifts.
  • We will not do “non-necessary” working activities during this critical period.
  • We are using security measures to avoid contamination and respect physical distance; having the possibility to use spaces, we are all much beyond one-meter distance.
  • We are actively looking for more personal protection apparels.
  • We sanitize working spaces and respect basic rules: we often wash hands, we cough and sneeze in protected way, we use disposable Kleenex, we do not touch our face…
  • We do not to occupy common spaces and leave our homes only to go to work and shop for necessary groceries.

We decided to share this update to make it useful to others as well. Contamination is now spreading to other European Countries. True that in case of danger we try to be scared as late as possible, but now it is time to help, share and carefully respect all rules. Here in Italy and everywhere else.

We thank our doctors, nurses and everybody who is helping others.

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Signed statement

Guidi srl
Safety manager
Daniele Guidi




Grignasco, March 12th, 2020