Last Friday night our Prime Minister, Mr.Giuseppe Conte, communicated restrictive measures will be extended until May 3rd (previously April 13th).

Life and Economic

Choosing between saving lives or local economy is the decision all Countries had to think of. The option to go for is not simple or easy, on the opposite it is very tough with huge consequences.
Almost all governments had to force their citizens economic and freedom limitations due to the fact of not having alternatives to save many human lives.
Now it is normal to wonder what is the correct “costs and benefits” ratio of such a hard choice, without any previous experience.
Answer is difficult and maybe does not even exists. A right balance is hard to find.

Meanwhile at Guidi’s

Here at Guidi’s we are all feeling good and keep working from home, enthusiasm is always present.
“We are all sailing on the same boat” …in strange situation, different from Country to Country. We are very pleased to receive your messages of hope and support: these warm our hearths up, they make us feel good.

Guidi, Life and Economics

Since February, starting from the first Italian case, we were ready to accept all restrictions in order to contain the virus spreading. We organized our spaces to keep the distance, we equipped everybody to sanitize personal spaces until the general sanification on March 31st, we use masks, gloves and alcohol to keep our PCs and working stations clean, we are currently preparing a protocol with our doctor for the coming back and for our future.
We are ready to re-start in full safety.

We are here to solve problems

We are here for any enquiry, but this you already knew it.
We are here to solve urgent demands and deliveries.
We can grant deliveries after your written requests for orders of those products included in necessary supplies.

Days to come

Sure there will be more news in days to come. We will keep you posted.
For now we just want to share some images to show what spring is doing in our garden.


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