Following-up with our first notice on Coronavirus situation, we can release now this update on current situation.

Our Province is considered “orange area”.

This means travelling in and out from our Area is possible with some limitations.
We can move to go to work, unless smart working has been implemented, or for health reasons.
“March 8th legislative decree” does not stop goods transport nor manufacturing.

Guidi is running as usual, everybody is working and we are reducing any risk following indications given by “March 8th legislative decree” and stated on Health Ministry website.
Every employee was duly informed and is currently following prevention and security measures.
For all stated above we can grant deliveries and our standard working process.

We can have our standard everyday life, like shopping for necessary groceries or having an espresso at the café.
Indications given by our Government must be interpreted with our own responsibility and common sense.
Clear recommendations and behaviors are in place to avoid contagion and spreading of the virus.
Common sense is still the most significant anyway.

At Guidi, team-working and meetings are now organized with conference call or in office by granting security distance and prevention norms.

Virus is unfortunately spreading in all Countries and soon many people will be forced to follow security indications and behaviors.
Socialization is still active; the only solution is statistically reducing the contamination.

At Guidi we always keep at least 1 meter distance while working, we avoid gathering in groups, we give up what is possible (we will have a drink all together only when all this is over!), we follow sanitary indications at work and at home as well.

Every one of us behaves on himself but with common sense. Risk is not personal but common.
We invite everybody to be wise and play carefully even in case they have to give up on something.
If we go out from the office now for a walk, we will not change any figure in the statistics, but we do not do it because each one of us plays for the same team.
We want to protect ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our friends, all the people we love, the world we live in and we care of.
It is time to understand how to protect our team, always and regardless of Coronavirus.

We will update during the next days in case there is some changes.
We just add here some links to better understand the situation and how to move.


Signed statement


Guidi srl
Safety manager
Daniele Guidi


Grignasco, March 10th, 2020