This update on current situation we are living has got now a different value. Issue is common and our message is addressed now to our whole Europe and entire world as well.

We spoke already about pandemic in our latest communication, dated March 12th, and it seems a century went by already. Figures of virus spreading increased and measures to stop it are now stricter.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wrote during the past weekend a new decree to enforce the closure of many manufacturing activities until April 3rd, adding new restrictions to avoid the virus spreading.

Manufacturing, transport and retail of medicines are all activities still allowed, together with sanitary, medical, agriculture and food industry or any activity related to the current emergency.

Meanwhile at Guidi’s…

We are also shut down, following our Government decree. We are closing for a while, in order to be able to re-start with more serenity and motivation. Our warehouse is FULL and good will is always with us!

There might be some slow down when we re-open, but situation is well known to everybody and, in order to re-start in the best way, we will need all to be cooperative, understanding, tolerant, human.

We shipped all the goods required to avoid big problems to our partners and to compromise their supply chains.

We will keep working from home, everyone available to reply your technical, commercial, administrative enquiries. We will be there also for doubts, questions, curiosities, analyses, things we never have the time to think of… or just to hear how you are doing.

We will have much available time, let’s use it up in the best way!

We started yesterday with a sanitizing process of our common spaces and we are getting equipped with additional tools to make even more safe areas where we work.
All of us are ready to re-start working soon, but it is a commitment for the future and it will be done under the strict control of our occupational doctor.

We are always very concerned about security at Guidi and from this situation we want to learn being more prepared and competent.

We would have avoided this Coronavirus issue, skipped like an obstacle, dribbled like they do in Champions League… but we are now in the middle of the match and we must play in favor of our team.

We have to watch the rules to keep safe, help others to respect them as well and learn something for our future from this bad situation.

At Guidi’s we improved our organization to increase:

  • productivity
  • individual potential
  • working from home
  • “feedback culture”
  • flexibility and independency
  • virtualization

It is just a matter of culture, responsibility, good will.

We rather working smart more than smart working. Working in smart way is better for everybody.

At Guidi we are fine and ready to re-start. We are available for what we just said and please write us your updated news.

We keep thanking our doctors, nurses and all those people doing something for others, in Italy and in the entire world.



Update Coronavirus-25-marzo
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Grignasco, March 26th, 2020