Today is an important day for our Association, commented API’s President Mario Di Giorgio. Fabio Falsetta, President of API’s Collegio Costruttori Unionedili, will be at my side as Vice-President.And there will be a new table of the president’s council.

Members of the President’s Council for API Novara, VCO, Vercelli and Valsesia appointed today.

It will be composed as follows:

Ex officio members:

  • Gianmario Mandrini – Past President, THREE SRL
  • Fabio Falsetta – API’s Vice-President and President of Collegio Costruttori, EDIL ART SRL
  • Laura Travaini – President of API Donna Group, TRAVAINI CARPENTERIE SPA
  • Silvia Polli – President of API Young Entrepreneurs Group, MANIFATTURA DI DOMODOSSOLA SPA

Di Giorgio has appointed the following Board members from among those elected by the General Assembly to join him in the President’s Council and support him in this important task:

  • Adriana Bazzana – BAZZANA SRL
  • Daniele Guidi – GUIDI SRL
During the Executive Board meeting held today, many projects were discussed, which will be pursued with enthusiasm, passion, and the competence and professionalism of all the entrepreneurs sitting on the Board and the Council.

We make a great team! commented Di Giorgio. We want to work in order to grow and defend our businesses. In order to do so, we must be many. API has to increasingly become the point of reference for all small and medium industries in the areas represented by us.

Novara, Tuesday 4th October 2022

Daniele Guidi al tavolo della giunta di presidenza API