De les portes de la ciutat celeste

De les portes de la ciutat celeste by Sergi Barnils

Thanks to the commitment in support of Alfabeto Segnico, an exhibition that involved Italy and Spain with four artists from different generations engaged in the search for a primary sign, a wonderful painting by Sergi Barnils has been added to the Guidi collection.

The protagonists of Alfabeto segnico were: Sergi Barnils, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Achille Perilli and Joan Hernández Pijuan. Exhibition curated by Alberto Fiz first at the Stelline Foundation in Milan and then at the CAMeC in La Spezia.

It is often heard that during the first year of life everything is captured: lights, perfumes, aromas and sounds, and this remains memorized … When he left Africa with his family he was one and a half years old. When art critics speak of an African influence, he responds with amusement that he does not remember anything. Sometimes in his painting, there are primitive configurations and his geometries can remind of the primitive African art.
His father had kept objects and photographs of Guinea and this could have influenced his art. Even artists like Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Miró have influenced and inspired his work. Or more recent artists like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, or classics like Giovanni Bellini and Piero Della Francesca.

With his works, Barnils wants to convey a message of hope because he believes that art and culture can awaken the spirit of saddened human beings. He often describes a spiritual world where forms, colours and people are purer.
The artist sees white as uncontaminated purity, fresh air, divine light; but, as everyone knows, white light contains within it all the colours of the rainbow. And so, as if in a blooming garden in a celestial city bursting with light and joy, bright notes of colour appear in some of his paintings.
Barnils, a sensitive and profoundly spiritual artist, manages to condense his most intimate reflections on the human condition in his images, however abstract and densely packed with primordial graffiti; his works give off an intense sentiment of celebration of the beauty of life, in all its forms and its states of becoming.

De les portes de la ciutat celeste
Cycle: “Configuracions”
Painted on canvas with plaster, oil painting, wax, graffiti
Year 2012
Size 100 x 81 cm.


ALFABETO SEGNICO : Sergi Barnils, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Achille Perilli e Joan Hernández Pijuan
Milano, Fondazione Stelline :   September, 15th – October, 29th  2017
Genova, CAMeC : November 4th, 2017 – January 7th, 2018