The third stage of the 4Enduro circuit, the 8th Enduro of the Owls, was held on Sunday April 9th, 2017, in the little town of Pogno (NO). Favorable weather, fast tracks and a good 350 participants.

The route includes three stages: Rasco 2000, Canalon and Monti di Prerro. Technical parts, to pedal or fast downhill, steep and narrow hairpin bends, perhaps with some insidious rising roots, characterize each path.

As always, in order to understand how to use one’s strength sparingly on the path, a survey is needed; on Saturday a parade lap along the paths is necessary to assimilate the most challenging or critical points, the ways to drive, the changes of pace or where it is possible to let it go.

Finally, on a sunny Sunday, the team is ready for the race: one of those competitions full of adrenaline, raced on a knife edge, during which the fatigue is felt but the desire to go fast is stronger!

Our captain, Alex Zampieri, is on the highest step of the podium winning the first position in his category. A fantastic result for Alex and for the whole team.

Our greatest wish to all of the team’s athletes is to continue like this!

Elite Master results

Overall results