Enduro of the Wolves, 4Enduro Series – March 24th, 2019, Coggiola (BI)

A weekend full of satisfactions for the second stage of the 4Enduro championship, in what has always been our home race.

This race is ride on the trails where most of our athletes organize their weekend outings or training sessions.

Every year, the appointment with the Enduro of the Wolves is always very much awaited by the team guys, for many of whom it is often the only race of the season or, for the younger, the first chance to attach the number to the handlebar.

There could therefore be no better occasion to showcase our new team colours! The team raced for the first time with the brand new blue-orange uniforms that replace the black and white ones of last season.

A very long race (over 40 km for the complete track), with special trails that alternate highly technical paths and truly selective pedal strokes.

Also in this race, as in the last appointment, the heat was the main protagonist! Paths were very dry and their conditions affected the grip, same as on wet trails.

Very good results for the team:

  • Filippo Masotti 1st in his category and 11th overall
  • Alberto Stopani 9th in his category and 32nd overall
  • Andrea Valsesia 17th in his category and 116th overall
  • Mattia Carola 40th in his category and 157th overall
  • Paolo Rosas 26th in his category and 167th overall
  • Matteo Covolo 25th in his category and 167th overall
  • Alessandro Zanello and Filippo Trabucco are unfortunately forced to withdraw
Great performance by our Filippo Masotti who conquers the highest step of the podium in the amateur ranking, at the end of a beautiful race that has always seen him protagonist in all the special trails, demonstrating that hard work always pays off!

Good placements also in the category of young/beginners, who face a shorter path:

  • Francesco Gardina 5th in his category and 25th overall
  • Giosuè Guccini 37th in his category and 53th overall
Congratulations to all our guys and to the organization for the wonderful race.

Next meeting in Pietra Ligure (SV) on April 7th for the first stage of the Superenduro championship.

Overall results
Junior results

Written by Davide Detratti, GRBT athlete. Currently supporter as he is engaged in a specialization for study.
Photos by Barbara Ragazzi. We always thank her heartily!