Second race of the 4Enduro circuit: in Coggiola (BI) for the Enduro of the Wolves.

A great makeover for the team at the second race of the 4Enduro circuit in Coggiola. The athletes showed off their new uniforms in a spectacular and finally dry race!

The day was perfect thanks to the rainless week. The paths could not be in better conditions, excellent to enhance the driving skills of the competitors.

Coggiola is the home race for the Guidi-Rosas-Bike-Team. Precisely for this reason, our guys participated in a great number, with many welcome returns.

In the junior athletes’ category, Matteo Fancello finishes 8th confirming his growth, and Luca Rainotti is in 19th position.

Some numbers regarding the complete race:

  • Diego Segat concludes 100th overall and 32nd in his category
  • Ronald Duccini 120th overall and 19th in his category
  • Andrea Valsesia 150th overall and 21st in his category
  • Paolo Rosas 162nd overall and 23rd in his category
  • Alessandro Zanello 164th overall and 57th in his category, really good in finishing the race despite a nasty fall
  • Mauro Maiolo 183th overall and 26th in his category

Filippo Masotti confirmed his great shape, climbing the podium again with a 3rd place in his category and a 19th place overall.

As always, thanks to the organization and to those who are committed to maintain the special trails always in impeccable conditions.

Next meeting in two weeks: on April, 8th in Pogno (NO) for the third race of the 4Enduro circuit, where the Owls Team is preparing new and exciting specials trails.

Overall results
Junior results

Written by Davide Detratti, GRBT athlete.
Currently supporter as he is engaged in a specialization
for study.