Grossi / Guidi : positive feedback from Venice Boat Show

Venice Boat Show is more and more visible among the many nautical events.

Of course anything happening in this stunning and unique city becomes immediately special, even if organizers know well in this context is all more difficult and costly.

As a matter of fact this past edition was only five days long instead of the previous nine, from May 31st to June 4th, 2023 and this was well appreciated by everybody exhibiting or attending at Arsenale.

Also Guidi’s presence was different from last years’: company decided in-fact not to display directly but to cooperate with Grossi Srl, his historical partner on the Adriatic coast, who hosted Guidi in his stand.
It was a win win situation because both companies had a strong visibility but still kept their own identity.

It was a positive show to us, it is a growing event. Yard technicians are probably still missing, but we were visited by several boat owners and also many operators from Croatia, an interesting Market with an important network of marinas and brokers/charters. These are the words of a pleased Matteo Grossi.

Next year’s Boat Show is from May 29th to June 2nd and the successful Grossi-Guidi cooperation will be in Venice once more.