Guidi and Love Difference

To love differences

Beyond its physical reality, the sea is an ancient and important symbol, often representing the unknown, distance, separation. But it can also represent union, a meeting point, a common matrix. In the vision of Michelangelo Pistoletto the sea, in particular the Mediterranean, is a common element that unites different cultures, a mediator between lands and nations.

Love Difference is a project whose aim is to build a network centered around art, in order to promote a civilization that celebrates difference, and that may favour the coexistence of the diverse cultures of the countries around the Mediterranean sea.

Symbol of Love Difference, the Mediterranean is seen as a meeting point between North and South, East and West. It is representative of all cultures, and it brings the wonders of its civilizations, as well as brutal contrasts.

For Pistoletto, the Mediterranean is a mirror on which we can meditate on the present condition of the world. Hence the table “Love Difference”, a table made of mirror in the shape of the Mediterranean sea, which becomes at the same time a physical and a symbolic space, a meeting point where to lay the foundations for a future based on dialogue and communication.
The reflecting image of the Mediterranean sea is particularly appropriate for Genoa, with its maritime tradition, and for the International Boat Show, that celebrates different aspects of the sea.

After last year experience with Industria, Jill Mathis’ photographic exhibition held at the Doge’s Palace during the International Boat Show, GUIDI returns to the international stage of Genoa to reinforce the collaboration between art and industry. By presenting Love Difference at Genova in Blu, Guidi becomes a main actor in a process that intends to bring together personalities, bodies and institutions in a collaboration focused around art and creativity, considered fundamental tools to induce change.

Love Difference wants to encourage not only tolerance, but also acceptance and the celebration of difference as an asset for humanity.

Creativity is something that industry has in common with art, and with this synergy Guidi aspires to give a contribution towards respect and constructive communication, necessary conditions for the development of a climate where safety and cooperation will allow everybody to live expressing themselves at their best.

Love Difference
by Michelangelo Pistoletto

Palazzo della Meridiana, Genova

Projected by
Studio Anna Fileppo, Biella

API Associazione Piccole e Medie Imprese di Novara, V.C.O. e Vercelli