Guidi Anniversary: an event, an exhibition, a meeting to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Thursday, October 18th 2018, in Milan, in the beautiful setting of Brera, we celebrated our company’s 50th anniversary. The party continued until October 22nd.

The moment took shape in an unfolded exhibition between art, company, social commitment, sport and the environment, to remember and present our initiatives on these issues related to commitment and social responsibility.

The path has been articulated creating a synergy, a combined and contemporary action of all the themes that logically and naturally intersect, collaborate, interact. We work with art, but with art we have created projects for the territory, as well as for the company and the products; we support sport and by this means we have also engaged in the social sphere; some social initiatives were born with a close link to artistic events. In our #guidi4all project nothing is untied or an end in itself, but linked in harmony and effectiveness: active and useful to us and to others, in agreement and balance with the principles of Agenda 2030 and our CSR.


With its colours and its overwhelming impact, Surfin’ bird, the sculpture created by Marco Lodola, introduce the exhibition path. The artist has imagined a futuristic motorboat, a vector of light that seems to dart on the waves like a powerful electric wake. Colourful and bright: this is how we heartily hope to be the future for everyone. Alongside the boat, a painting by the same author, made with paper on canvas, represents a woman holding a star in her hands. Who would not like to walk with a star in the hands instead of a lantern… What better guide for the future?


Near the futuristic boat, we have set up the area dedicated to our commitment to the sport. Since 2011 we support the Guidi-Rosas-Bike-Team, a team that covers various cycling specialties, obtain great results and boasts a number of well-trained and prepared athletes. Since 2017 we collaborate with a rally team, the Quaderno-Zanolo-Rally-Team. The team, formed by Gianluca Quaderno and Lara Zanolo, is from our little town and runs on a Renault New Clio R3C. We have shown photos, their shirts and their means, all to remember beautiful moments and important winnings. Sport is not only competitive and fighting spirit but it is also enthusiasm, growth and the beauty of being together.

Company Art

Faced with Surfin’ bird, to enjoy the reflections of light, we exposed 8 of the 23 works of the project: Vanitas. The time, the silence and the ephemeral by Enrica Pastore. This is a photographic project realized on the themes of the seventeenth century Dutch still lives: transience of life, ephemeral condition of existence, passing of time, transience of earthly goods.
And just the passage of time is a fundamental theme linked to our products. Products that last, challenge time with a very long life cycle and, at the end of their use, are almost completely recyclable.


As a socially responsible business, our daily efforts are also focused on making sure that Guidi continues to represent an added value for the local area and its people, by contributing to economic growth, developing and improving the spaces we occupy and safeguarding and enhancing local assets. We presented our little town, Grignasco, with images, texts and some memories. Ours is a small town but counts many artists, writers and poets; in our collection we have some of their works. We have exhibited four paintings by Ada Negri and Maria Teresa Pascarelli, local painters and dear friends.

Social Company

Among the birthday presents we made ourselves during this year, there was also a drawings exhibition made by children related to the company: sons, grandchildren, relatives of employees or collaborators. We brought someone to this exhibit: everyone could not stay, we received more than 50! They have drawn their future; the title was What I’m going to be when I grow up: at 50 I’m going to be a famous…


Over the last few years, we have been supporting an Art-therapy project carried out in a local rest home. We have exhibited some work of the project Reviewed by us. The guests of the rest home reproduced 27 famous paintings following their own taste.

Following a request from the Municipality of Grignasco, we joined the project: Heart in Common for a cardio-protected town. We have presented the certificate to raise awareness of the problem and to emphasize that even a small town like ours is industrious and willing. Next to the certificate a silicone heart created by the artist Alessandro Ciffo, the work is entitled Amar-Si.

In 2015 we contributed to the realization of a photographic competition, some works of the participants were exhibited. The competition was aimed at donating the proceeds to the ANGSA of Biella, an association that gives support to autistic children parents through the project The House for Autism.

Art Social

In 2012, in conjunction with the Genoa International Boat Show, we organized a Guidi event at Palazzo della Meridiana. Event that saw the exhibition of Love Difference table by Michelangelo Pistoletto: a large mirror table in the shape of the Mediterranean basin, surrounded by chairs from different countries overlooking this sea. The work is an important starting point for reflection on the current condition of the world for a common future based on dialogue and communication.
On the same occasion we presented the work of Marco Bovio. Marco Bovio was born in 1968, and since 1977 has been living at the Domus Laetitiae care centre. He suffers from tetraplegia, a paralysis of the four limbs and of the torso. Associated to this pathology is a phonation disorder, therefore Marco is not able to speak, but he communicates through his eyes and by mean of a communicator (a tablet), controlled by a cursor on his forehead. Marco started painting in 1982 and his Tulips have been exhibited in Milan.

Art Environment

Along the way, some images have been exhibited reminiscent of our collaborations with the Argentinian artist Elizabeth Aro. The themes and purposes of these two works are very dear to our company: the protection of the marine environment and the need for new connections and relationships. The works we have shown are Red Net and Coral Branches, two installations made by hand with red velvet and the sewing technique.


Two paintings by Paolo Ventura have recently been added to the Guidi collection: Giorno di festa and Il Bacio n ° 6, realized by combining photography and painting.
Ventura speaks about unreal, enigmatic, imaginary worlds and universes. His photographs depict scenes and puppets to tell a story or funny characters on a stage, from his twin brother, to his wife and son, to make the simplicity of life in which to find bigger meanings. Before I dealt with fashion, advertising, design and landscapes, but at a certain point I felt the need for more research photography. I wanted to represent my obsessions and so I started working on the table at home and built my world. The message of the search for deep meanings in the simplicity of life, of building one’s own world, one’s own future, is very beautiful. A thought, a reflection on our 50 years and on the construction of our future.

In an illuminated corner with beams of vertical light, to enhance the beauty and transparency, we have exposed the three Amphoras of the Murano 5.0 collection by Alessandro Ciffo. Fascinated by the master glassmakers gestures, their knowledge and their history, Alessandro Ciffo drew inspiration to create the same objects by imitating their shapes, but living an experience of processing applied to a ductile rather than fragile material. An exceptional combination of techniques, knowledge, materials to understand, know and appreciate the work of the others. We also exhibited the Vela, made of silicon and belonging to the same collection. It recalls, through the colours and the signs, the waves of the sea.

Art Company

The photographer Jill Mathis has produced some artistic photographs starting from pieces manufactured by our company. The project is realized in several stages. The idea was born for our 40th birthday with the creation of a corporate monograph, continuing then with the Industry project that sees images made in the company, at suppliers and shipyards. A journey to tell our products in an artistic key from the production up to some of the most important sites of Italian boating, where Guidi products are used every day.

Valerio Tedeschi’s sculptures are filled with poetry, technical perfection and a decidedly personal style. We also seek these elements in our products realization. Valerio has created 5 sculptures that reproduce on a 1:1 scale some pieces of our company production. All the sculptures are made of Carrara marble, soapstone and Swarovski crystals.
We exhibited our products in a combination of technique and art close to Valerio Tedeschi’s sculptures.


Five sculptures close to five Guidi pieces and five watercolours that portray them. These five watercolours were used to make the new corporate t-shirts. Beautiful and colourful exposed near the photographs of the great Guidi family. It is important for us that there is a peaceful, collaborative working environment, with the support and participation of all. It is not easy because we are all different, with their own merits and their own faults. The sense of belonging is an important part of our commitments; we also take care of it in small things to have the dialogue between people and to reduce misunderstandings. When the environment is clear, it nourishes the common good.

Art Environment

In the interweaving of art, company, social and environmental commitment, the Sergi Barnils’ painting De les portes de la ciutat celeste conveys a message of hope where art and culture come to the aid of man. The artist imagines the purest forms, colours and people, white represents purity, clean air, light that also contains all the colours of the rainbow. And here is an image of a future of joy, of the beauty of life celebration, in all its forms and becoming.

The route ends in this room, where Chris Gilmour’s Motorboat is located in the middle. A sculpture made of recycled cardboard and glue, which reproduces in full size the historic yacht produced by the Camuffo shipyards. Chris Gilmour creates sustainable art by borrowing a material used in industry, cardboard, and upgrading it to build his full-scale clones.

Around Motorboat, here too in an embrace between art and nature, we have a dedicated space for the initiatives devoted to the environment.
On the walls we have exposed some works of Enrica Pastore’s photographic projects dedicated to the nature of our territory: When nature exaggerates and Colours on the rocks.
It is important for us to support these projects dedicated to nature, to its conservation and to our territory promotion. We live in a beautiful valley, in Valsesia, and our commitment to sensitize people to be more responsible for the environment is right that starts here.


We told about our collaboration with 4Ocean, which began with the support for the protection of corals and then continued for the oceans in general and for other protected species. 4Ocean’s bracelets were donated to all the inauguration and exhibition participants, these are made with the plastic recovered during the cleaning of rivers and oceans and then recycled. The bracelets finance cleaning operations and world organizations operating for the defence and protection of marine environments.

The story continues with the Guidi’s Greenwood: we treat ourselves forests in Kenya, in Haiti, in Nepal and in Senegal, to keep the green lungs of the earth and to improve the economic and social conditions of these countries.


A beautiful photograph of our company, made with a drone, shows our photovoltaic system that provides us with 30% of the energy used. In this photo we can see other important interventions such as an area with containers equipped on the inside for storing the spent oils ready for disposal. A functional solution in order to keep the company premises tidy, clean and safe. The photo was taken before the construction of the new vertical warehouses: our solution in terms of space and organization.

Other interventions are hidden within the company as our two company and environmental quality certifications, the training of security personnel and new equipment, the new purchases of machinery, the internal communication projects, the water recycling systems, membership of industry associations to support the formation of consortia between companies that can access funding, European or national, promote dialogue with institutions, businesses and lenders for the creation of economic incentives and tax breaks for sector companies that want to invest in sustainability.

Bruno Guidi, the company founder, inaugurated the Milanese exhibition with his intervention. He recalled the beginning in 1968, characterized by his desire to know, to research, always facing new challenges and embarking on new paths, overlooking the nautical world full of charm, perspectives, innovations, so much so that today Guidi is a supplier of nautical accessories worldwide, which focuses on the quality of raw materials to be used in a sensitive sector where safety and reliability are decisive factors. From services to fishing and work boats, Guidi expands its activities to leisure boats. To the Guidi success was essential the family and valuable collaborators support, as well as the exclusive use of the best raw materials on the market, making products Made in Italy, where functionality and durability are always combined with elegance. The company overcame the crises of 1990 and 2008 and is now projected into the future, also through the inclusion in positions of responsibility of Daniele and Alessandro, who have told what Guidi is today. Daniele reiterated the importance of loyalty to the company’s founding values, based on sustainability, respect for ourselves, for those who work with us and for customers, suppliers and collaborators. In the opinion of Alessandro the strong thought is a constant improvement and always looking towards the future.

At the inauguration there were local authorities, many suppliers, customers, employees, collaborators and friends. We sincerely thank you all for the esteem, presence and support. Thanks to the everyone presence, the exhibition has had a remarkable success also for this multidisciplinary character, which makes us honour and distinguishes us as a company, also in the commitment to a more sustainable world.