Product quality, safety and sustainability will be in the spotlight

It’s a very lively moment: soon after announcing the opening of the subsidiary in the United States, Guidi America Inc., based in Saint Augustine, Florida, we are now taking part in the 63rd edition of Genoa International Boat Show, being held from 21 to 16 September 2023.

The exhibition area, on the upper floor of Pavilion B (TP06. Tech Trade), will largely be devoted to showcasing the materials used for our products.

In particular, we are aiming at highlighting the core features of non-ferrous materials – like bronze, brass, and aluminium – which we make an extensive use of when producing for the boating sector. Indeed, if properly maintained, these materials have a longer life than plastic, and their chemical and physical properties remain unchanged in the long term.

Equally impressive is their sustainability: non-ferrous materials are 100% recyclable, almost indefinitely, and are therefore to be preferred to plastic from an environmental viewpoint, too. Indeed, not only plastic requires a more complex and expensive recycling process, but, after being used once, it can never be recycled entirely.
We have been promoting a far-reaching awareness-raising campaign on these technical aspects for some time now, also through a dedicated section on the website which includes detailed documents as well as supporting data and figures.
Genoa Boat Show is going to be an excellent opportunity to share this precious information with boat builders and owners alike.

We are always pleased to be back at Genoa Boat Show, an event that over the years has contributed to our steady growth both on the Italian market and abroad. It’s a very positive time for us: the yachting industry is still very lively, particularly on the domestic market, which is the one the Genoa Boat Show is mainly targeted at. At the same time, enlargement works at our industrial site are continuing, divided over three lots: we are expecting to complete all building activities by the end of this year, after which we will be able to rely on an additional 840 sq. metres and, consequently, to grow even faster.

Daniele Guidi, Quality & Sustainability manager

Next event on our agenda will be the B2B event IBEX, to be held in Tampa, Florida, from 3 to 5 October 2023 (stand 2-213).