2023 edition of the Sky Marathon does not betray expectations

You know how they say we are always in a hurry or running around ? This is everyday business, but if we are running uphill on a very high peak and we do it in pairs, then it is only for very few specialists.

We are talking about 2023 edition of the Monte Rosa Sky Marathon (June 17th-18th, Alagna Valsesia), a sport event that has now become a classic for Valsesia but also internationally and, beyond the competitive aspect, is increasingly proving to be an effective tool for promoting the area.

This is why Guidi, so deeply rooted in the Valsesian social fabric (social framework), has decided to renew a sponsorship that already gave an excellent return last year. The latter was not ‘only’ in terms of image, since Guidi products – several of which can also be used in the civil and not only nautical field – were displayed in a specially dedicated corner.

The Races

Participants in this “pairs marathon” – clearly highly trained and experienced athletes – must cover a total distance of 35 km, with an elevation gain of 7000 m +/- and including a unique climb of 3490 meters.

Departure from Alagna Valsesia (1192 m) and then off to Bocchetta delle Pisse (2396 m), Gnifetti hutt (3647 m), Colle del Lys (4250 m) to the 4555 m of Capanna Margherita and then flying back down… on feet of course.

The length of the route but also the up and down on trails, ski slopes and glaciers, make the competition particularly tough and selective, in a spectacular naturalistic setting that only this mountain can offer.

There were 167 participants in the Monte Rosa Sky Marathon 2023, a growing number compared to the 2022 edition, confirming the popularity of the event, as well as the numerous foreign participants from countries such as Switzerland, Germany, France, England, Spain but also Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Macedonia, certifying its international level.

For the record: Pivk-Boffelli pair won by finishing in 4 hours, 29 minutes and 20 seconds.

The first female pair was Elisabetta Negra and Giulia Zanovello, who finished 23rd overall in 6 hours, 42 minutes and 33 seconds.

But while the marathon was the flagship event, the whole weekend of June 17th – 18th actually included other races that filled a busy and varied sports schedule.

In fact, on Saturday 17th the AMA VK2 was held, an individual race over the distance of 9 km and with an elevation gain of 2086 m+, in which just under 100 runners took part: it was won by Italian Marcello Ugazio with a time of 1 hour, 41 min and 34 seconds.

On Sunday 18th it was time for Monte Rosa Vertical & walk, a 5 km competition with an elevation gain of 1150 m+. Here more than 50 athletes were involved, Giuseppe Lora Moretto won in 56 min and 2 seconds and Camilla Magliano finished in 56 min and 8 seconds. Interesting to point out was the presence of a New Zealand athlete, Kate Morrison!

Also nice to report was the AMA-bilmente event, which featured athletes with an artificial limb.

This initiative, sponsored by the CONI Paralympic Committee, was born at the hands of Moreno Pesce, a mountain enthusiast who is an amputee following a motorcycle accident, creator of the project and founder of Team3Gambe (Team three legs) with the collaboration of the race organizers and a group of mountain guides. The amputee athletes in the race were accompanied by a guide and a climbing partner.

We have enthusiastically renewed our sponsorship of AMA events because we believe they are of an excellent standard and, above all, in line with our goals of supporting and promoting the area in which we operate as a company. While it is true that our main market is boating, we want to reiterate, however, that the civil hydraulics segment is also important to us, and occasions like this help consolidate our presence in this business. As of now we can say that we will continue the partnership next year as well, very happy to do so, explains Daniele Guidi, Quality & Sustainability manager of Guidi Srl.

Appointment to 2024 then, but first let’s enjoy the images of this beautiful edition!