The new GUIDI-ROSASBIKE TEAM was born from the collaboration between the ROSASBIKE association, which has been engaged for years in the competitive mountain biking, and company GUIDI, having its seat in Grignasco-Valsesia, worldwide leader in the production of marine accessories.

The collaboration started in 2011, when, supported by Guidi, the small ROSASBIKE team made its Superenduro debut. Superenduro is a selective discipline, a new mountain bike race format in which riders compete on a ringed course, in which long technical timed descenting routes are preceded by uphill pedaled transfers. The team included athletes the likes of Alex Lupato and Chiara Pastore, who reached successful achievements at national level.

Considering the good results achieved by the team – at the same time as Guidi company was celebrating his forty-fifth anniversary – the company owner Bruno Guidi decided to increase his support and March 2013 saw the birth of the GUIDI/ROSASBIKE team.