Longer Life Option: we only manufacture well done products, designed and made to last over time. Rock-hard products, made to last.

Sustainability also means creating products made to last over time.

We work for the sea, but our products are born in the mountains.

We live surrounded by the mountains, and we are used to their magnificence and their strong, sturdy, powerful presence. There is no better comparison to convey how durable our products are. They are born here, and they are just like the mountains around us: they are sturdy, robust, and long-lasting.

Mountain chains form as a result of geodynamic phenomena, and they undergo a constant transformation process. They are shaped by the erosive action of the elements, the flowing of streams and rivers, the power of the sea, or extreme natural events like earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

Though in a less extreme – and less powerful – way, our products, too, are the result of painstaking design, constant research along their entire life cycle, and continuous transformations aimed at improving them, increasing their performances, and constantly extending their life.

The mountains are an ancient and sensitive environment. They teach us how far we are from being able to preserve nature, ecosystems, and the space that we live in. Suffice is to think of glaciers, which are disappearing, or of the once-heavy snowfalls that no longer occur…

We witness these changes on a daily basis, and this is why we keep changing the way we work, to make it more sustainable: from processes to finished products, from their use to their recycling.

Here is our longer life option !

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