Sunday, March 5th 2017 saw the official start of the racing season for the GuidiRosasBikeTeam, immediately kept under pressure to face the first leg of the newborn 4Enduro circuit, on the Rive Rosse paths.

The Rive Rosse paths are located between the provinces of Biella and Vercelli, and their 4 race formats are rich of scenic beauty and breathtaking landscapes; the geological heritage of the territory combines granite rocks and lava flows, resulting in beautiful reddish panoramas.

This was a useful opportunity for the team to discuss and understand if their workouts have been successful. Fluidity, strong legs and precision are crucial elements when you have to face such challenging routes. Besides, the driving rain on Friday and Saturday, before the race, had caused quite treacherous ground conditions.

On this path, with a total distance of 32 km and a vertical drop of 1,150 metres, the team remained focused on the race, achieving important results: Alex Zampieri gained a fantastic 14th place overall; excellent performances from Simone Darico , 53rd place overall, and Alessandro Zanello who, despite a fall, managed to finish the race in 54th place.

Promising debut for our junior athlete Matteo Fancello who, at his first experience, managed the fourteenth position in his category.

Our athletes are now focusing on the paths of the next stage of the circuit, that is: the fabulous special routes of Coggiola, appointment Sunday, March 26th 2017.

Overall results