Guidi’s Greenwood

Guidi’s Greenwood is the fairytale gift for our 50 years. It does not happen on all birthdays to treat yourself with a forest.

It is in the forests that the most fascinating, poetic, entertaining tales are set. The story of Guidi’s Greenwood begins with 50 trees: “Once upon a time there was a beautiful forest of 50 luxuriant trees…”

Our trees are very special, because they have superpowers.

Every day they commit themselves to give environmental, social and economic benefits:

  • they help farmers and small producers creating income and improve economic and social welfare
  • they reforest the deforested areas
  • they provide an income to rural populations other than that resulting from the cutting and illegal sale of timber
  • they create partnerships with local bodies and organizations
  • they protect the soil from erosion and hydrogeological instability
  • they form barriers to protect crops from animals and make shadow from sun
  • they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Guidi’s Greenwood tells exciting and inspiring stories from Nepal, Senegal, Haiti and Kenya. Now our heroes are still small shoots and are taking root.

This beautiful story is shaping not only because of us and of our heroes, the trees: other important protagonists are farmers and small local producers who cultivate them and make them grow, and the Treedom staff who makes it possible to plant these trees at a distance and follow them online as they grow.

Thanks to them we can continue to tell this story and write about it. And this is wonderful because we can do it lightheartedly:

each episode will have a happy ending.

10 coffee plants
3 macadamia trees

10 teak trees
6 orange trees
3 madd trees

10 cedar trees

4 avocado trees
4 grevillea plants

Immagini di Treedom

Giornata della TerraApril 22nd, 2018

We decided to tell today about our gift, on the occasion of World Earth Day. We hope that our little contribution is a useful story.