Industria -50- is the destination of the photographic journey undertaken by Jill Mathis to tell about our products in an artistic way.

This journey started in 2011 and was concluded this year, with some visits to a few shipyards on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Guidi.

There’s nothing like a tour of the shipyards to really understand what Guidi is about. It’s here that the products are used, coming to life inside the boats, forming a smooth whole with the hull and the systems.

Beautiful design has to be teamed with a robust, functional structure, and this combination is made possible thanks to the efforts of the skilled workers who create these marvellous object, which give their very best when they start doing what they were designed for: sailing.

In summer 2017, the American photographer Jill Mathis went on a series of trips to some of the most important Italian shipyards, in which Guidi products are used every day.

This expedition into the heart of “made in Italy” could hardly begin anywhere other than the Po delta, in Goro, in the shipyard Cantiere Navale del Delta where Guidi took its first steps 50 years ago, subsequently moving on to the Riva shipyards in Sarnico, Azimut in Avigliana, Pershing in Mondolfo and CRN in Ancona.

The photographs of this expedition gave life to the book created for the 50th anniversary of the company. A book about the story of Guidi from its origins to 2018, the year of the celebration of this important anniversary.