Industria is a photo reportage carried out on our behalf by the American photographer Jill Mathis. We wanted to give our products an artistic perspective, by illustrating through pictures every stage of the manufacturing process that transforms raw materials into our final products.

Our company monograph, realized in 2008, was a self-celebration. On the contrary Industria was a rediscovery, a whole new way of seeing our products. At the same time the event opened new perspectives on the possibilities created by the sinergy between art and industry, two fundamental fields of the human activity and experience which are only too often kept separate.

Industria saw the collaboration between various people, active in different fields. Their different skills, creativity and knowledge were transformed into synergy, achieving a result of great artistic value.

Jill Mathis’s pictures, printed on 100% Photo Rag paper, Fine-Art Giclée, size 80x120cm, have been displayed at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, on the occasion of the 51st International Boat Show; the exhibition catalogue collects 40 works, in colour or black and white.

If the artist is someone who is gifted with vision, the ability of seeing in depth the essence of things, this is certainly testified by Jill Mathis’s images, which do not simply record the phases of the work, the products, the rhythms of a process which is often seen as alienating and mechanical, but manage to enhance its human, constructive, poetic aspect. At the same time she raises to the level of art products which are little more than details, structural parts which are fundamental but usually concealed, unseen, unnoticeable. A hidden world that the artist’s eye is able to capture in its beauty and relevance, making it visible and memorable.

from the Press Conference, Teatro del Mare

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Jill Mathis
Palazzo Ducale, Genova
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Stamperia Artistica Nazionale, 2011, Trofarello (Torino)

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