New working shifts, more space and observation of protocols to restart safely.

We have been in active stand-by since March 12th, Manufacturing and Warehouse closed to follow Government indications, but with Offices still operational thank to “smart working” newly set-up.

Since this morning proper manufacturing restarted, with some significant improvements in our organization to reach one only goal: granting top level of security to all employees and collaborators.

Specifically, after the sanification of the complete Company building during past weeks, new changing rooms were created to integrate the existing ones, sanitizing and cleaning equipment was made available and dedicated info panels posted to inform, in clear and detailed way, about measures to be respected.

Among those are also measures to rule goods receiving and how to move around the plant: wide spaces available at Guidi factory do help a lot.

Employees access to working places has been spaced out with the split in two manufacturing shifts and the turning physical presence for the offices: everybody will be in any case temperature checked. Employees accessing the Company for the very first time after the break will be duly informed on how to use the personal protection devices, made available to everybody.

Canteen will remain closed and visitors will not be allowed on our plant in Grignasco for now. An internal committee, composed by both employers and representatives of employees, will check on application and respect of different protocols.

We are finally glad to restart fully with our activities, sure to have set all conditions to work in efficient but mainly safe way, in compliance with the new norms: employees are our most precious asset and it is them that we want to protect.
Bruno, Daniele, Alessandro

May 4th,2020

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Back to workplaces procedure 🇬🇧
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Internal committee 🇬🇧
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