Lodola & Mathis

New patronage: envisaging the future

Symbolically, the artwork by Gilmour represents the “past” of the company, interpreting the term in its richer and more valuable meaning: the roots, values, wisdom, experience. On the contrary, the artwork by Lodola represents the “future”, full of unknowns and uncertainties, but also of opportunities and challenges, that encourage us to do more and better and better. […] Our accessories are mounted on board of the futuristic and lively yacht made by Lodola. A colourful and bright future: that’s our sincere wish to everybody.

Bruno Guidi

Colourful and lively is also the book accompanying the 2014 event: a bright magenta for the cover and vivid chromacities in the inner pages, in tune with the brilliant and intense colours of the works by Marco Lodola and Jill Mathis.

PDF Pubblicazione

Marco Lodola
Jill Mathis

Galata Museo del Mare, Genova

Exhibition and text curated by
Ivan Quaroni

Catalogue design
Studio Anna Fileppo, Biella

Printed by
Stamperia Artistica Nazionale, 2011, Trofarello (Torino)

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Cinzia Compalati

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