April 7th, 2017: an evening of art, food and music at the inauguration of Chris Gilmour’s exhibition.

The sculpture made of recycled cardboard, created by the artist Chris Gilmour in 2013 for the Guidi collection, is on display at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art in Monfalcone (GO).

The solo show by Chris Gilmour provides a selection of works that are connected to the immanent opening of the Museo della Cantieristica in the former Albergo operai di Panzano. All the sculptures depict boats, the tools used by labourers and office workers, a grand piano that alludes to the voyages of great ocean liners and a bicycle used by workers, then as now, to get to the shipyard.

The poetics of Chris Gilmour is that of small things. One that hints at the larger things. Through the perishable nature of the material he choses to talk to us with, he alludes to the fragility of the things of the world. But not to worry, the artist admonishes us with a sense of irony. And with the modesty and intelligence of one who does not take himself too seriously, even if he works with great seriousness. The meticulous nature of his approach, which contains the antique flavour of the artist-craftsman, imposes this humility. And this is one of the secrets of the apparent simplicity of his artworks, alongside his many years of experience as a teacher.

Anna Krekic

Heartfelt thanks to Chris Gilmour for the invitation to the opening and for having spent with us, Anna Krekic and Paola Tessaris, a beautiful evening in good company, with good food and great music.

Indeed, we have been lucky enough to attend even the music event, organized at the Teatro Comunale di Monfalcone, where the Orchestra of Padova and Veneto performed with Laura Polverelli, mezzo-soprano, directed by Ariel Zuckermann.


Chris Gilmour
08_04_2017 / 07_05_2017
Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea di Monfalcone
Exhibition curated by Anna Krekic
Director of cultural and social activities Paola Tessaris