Sculpture by Chris Gilmour, made of recycled cardboard and glue.

Chris Gilmour borrows a material used in industry, cardboard, and upgrading it to build his full-scale clones.

[…] the components manufactured by the company are revealed through use of different colors of recycled cardboard complete with packing tape, print and adhesive labels.

The artist has already worked with Italian-made products (the llly coffeepot and the Olivetti typewriter) and automobile brands (the Fiat5OO and the Aston Martin DB5), bicycles and motorcycles (Lambretta) reproduced full scale; this time Gilmour attempts an even bigger sculpture, continuing his iconographic sequel concerned with the excellence and symbolism of industrial production. His assembly line, where even the nuts and bolts are recreated in great detail, invites us to approach the completed object again with a new spirit, curious, and as suggests Gilmour, to “observe what is around us with greater care”, as if to echo the words of Edouard Goerg in his contribution to the 1936 “querelle du réalisme”: today it is no longer only to look and see, but also to understand and communicate.

Luca Beatrice

Overall dimensions cm. 600 x 150 x 200 h.
Year 2013

Images credit: Enrica Pastore