Murano 5.0 is the new collection by Alessandro Ciffo dedicated to amazing transparencies and to the artisans of Murano glass.

6 amphoras of the Murano 5.0 series, created by the silicone artist Alessandro Ciffo, have been added to the Guidi collection.

Guidi has been collaborating with this artist for several years. During the course of 2017, cooperation saw the transition to a new type of silicone no longer thixotropic but fluid.

This change for the artist was fundamental, both because of the working methods involved and of the results obtained. In fact, this type of raw material allows to obtain transparencies similar to the ones of glass.

The MURANO 5.0 collection was born thanks to the simultaneous occurrence of two events: the discovery of a new type of silicone that allows to obtain amazing transparencies and high consistency and a visit to a Murano furnace where I could meet some of the best master glassmakers. Fascinated by their consolidated gestures, their knowledge and their history, I tried to imagine how I could use this new material and my processing techniques to create an illusion. Retracing the history of the glass of the 900 and drawing inspiration from it, I started to create the same objects imitating the shapes, discovering that the most captivating pieces were those that in addition to deceiving the material expressed the typical freshness of the silicone. Therefore, the MURANO 5.0 collection takes its cue from the reflection on what would make my hands come out of the glass and what would happen if a master glazier tried to use silicone. The experience of processing applied to a ductile rather than fragile material .

Alessandro Ciffo

The amphoras measure:
240 centimetres high, the largest
200 centimetres high, the medium
160 centimetres high, the small
50 centimetres high, the smallest

Year 2017

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