New headways

Here’s to new headways, again and again!

We have reached 50 years and we’ve seen our fair share!

When you are in front of the birthday cakes to celebrate the numbers that have a zero (20, 30, 40, 50…), always it comes to do a little reflection. The usual things “Goodness, how time passes…!” Or something deeper, meaningful.

We can say that we have had favourable and profitable moments but also difficult times, adverse as the 2008 crisis. Every day there are satisfactions and battles to fight. Our reality like everyone’s, of course. But we want to say that we are proud.

We are proud to see how we have always known how to take the impulse, to engage in our work.

All together.

Just as a vessel takes its headway, it gradually increases speed and maintains its motion. So there, we too.

We did not let ourselves slow down, hold back, stop. We have taken new impulses, runs and we have sailed with enthusiasm and passion.

We are ready for another half-century of history, here it is a new headway.