We have edited the latest GENERAL CATALOGUE |04 with completely new graphics.

It also includes our news and product updates.

Catalogue printing is necessary to us, to our customers and distributors, in order to work in the best possible way: in commercial field paper catalogue is still a useful and precious tool, to be checked-out daily. We cannot do always everything “virtual”!

To compensate paper used up to print the catalogue, we decided to expand Guidi’s Greenwood, our “global” forest, by adding 100 more trees.

This forest, born in 2018 on the occasion of our 50th birthday and it now includes 150 trees, growing in 6 different countries: Haiti, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, Tanzania and Guatemala. These trees are primarily used to absorb CO2 into the atmosphere (we are now at minus 40 tons!) But mostly they are essential for local communities and for the environment.

This year talking about the importance of forests is a must.

World Wildlife Day 2021 is entitled: “Forests and livelihoods: supporting people and planet“.
This special event aims to relaunch the central role of forests and their precious ecosystems in the survival of hundreds of millions of people around the world: indigenous and local communities that have historical links with woods and surrounding areas.

We are very happy and proud to be able to contribute, even in a small way, supporting these people and to be in line with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

March 3rd, 2021