As we had already said, together with Andrea Fantini’s Class40, Guidi also wanted to support the race=care project of the solidarity sailing team that goes at sea to help those in need.

Let’s see how the Mini Transat and the next programs went.

Luca Del Zozzo chases a dream: to sail the oceans and give help to those in difficulty. The solitary navigator from Forlì left on 27 September 2021 from Les Sable D’Olonne, in France, to complete the legendary Mini Transat, the solo regatta aboard the Mini, six and a half meters long boats.

The first leg goes from Les SableS D’Olonne to Santa Cruz de la Palma (Canary Islands) and is 1350 miles long. The second from the Canaries to Saint Francois (Guadeloupe), the real jump into the ocean, is 2700 miles and left on 29 October. A real endurance challenge with sailors forced to take short shifts of rest for safety reasons and to be more competitive.

Boats are divided into Proto and Series categories. Luca is in this second category. His boat is of the scow type, with a round bow, a design that has proven to be very good, especially down wind. Luca is satisfied that he has completed his second MiniTransat in crescendo.

During 1st stage, conditioned by several technical problems including the failure of the electrical system, he managed to finish 37th out of 65 entrants. In the second and last leg, the longest, the one that takes the boats from the Canaries to the Caribbean, he has instead conquered a 15th place that makes him make a good leap forward in the general classification, to 22nd.

To win the second stage and the final classification is the French Hugo Dhallenne. He completed the second stage in 15 days and 23 hours. Luca arrived 14 hours later.

After the departure from the Canaries he remained a bit behind the fleet but only due to a farsighted choice of a southern route which after a few days took him from 50th to 6th position, even if for a few hours.

One of the Italians waiting to participate is Luca Rosetti. The young instructor of the Rimini Nautical Club has already completed his Mini Transat two years ago and will participate in the next one scheduled in 2023 on the boat that Del Zozzo sails today.

The two sailors are united in the “race = care” project. Del Zozzo and Rosetti have created a strong collaboration with the association “Doctors with Africa CUAMM”.

What will the next programs be?

In particular, two projects are being worked on:
  • one intended for mothers and children in the first thousand days of life.
  • another concerns the vaccination campaign in Africa.
race=care has decided to donate 20% of the sponsorship budget.
The other idea they are working on is to create a group that is a reference for the young talents of sailing. The campaign is called New Wanted Talents and is aimed at young people who pursue the dream of being ocean sailors.