The first race of the Gravitalia circuit, the Italian Downhill Championship, took place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th at Pian del Poggio (PV).

The Guidi Rosas Bike Team also participated in the race, with three very determined, resolute and brave athletes.

A small, charismatic and friendly team that brought together other riders, friends and champions under the gazebo of the group. Here are the values of sport: competition, friendship, sharing, fun.

Bad weather was the main protagonist of the two days. On Saturday it blocked the qualifications and our athletes on top of Mount Chiappo. Epic and fun was the subsequent descent, in mud and hail. Then the time trial was postponed to Sunday morning and the final race to the afternoon.

Good result for Luca Gianoglio who finished this more than 2.5 km long race in less than 4 minutes. And this despite a problem with his muscles.

Great performance for Luca Rainotti at his first DH race, that he heroically decided to face with a single-crown fork!

And we want to pay tribute to Alberto Filisetti who gained the podium as 5th overall in his category.

Excellent results that surely predict further success. We hope this will entice more daring young people to join us and experience this crazy and adrenaline-fuelled discipline.

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Text by Luca Gianoglio, GRBT athlete.