The Plant a flower day is dedicated to carving out a moment in our day to plant a flower. Spring is coming and its scent fills the air. We need more flowers, colours, perfumes.

We asked ourselves: what shall we plant on the Plant a flower day? And where?

Plant a flower day

First of all we took a break and planted some new flowers in our garden. Then we devoted ourselves to our beautiful plants scattered across the world, the Guidi’s Greenwood.

Our trees are growing luxuriantly. The farmers and the Treedom team keep us up to date and tell us wonderful stories. Stories about the trees, the places in which they grow, the farmers who take care of them and see them grow.

On this day dedicated to sowing, we want to tell you one of these stories: a South American legend. The legends are always original, exciting and sometimes bizarre, but it’s important to preserve this cultural heritage and pass it on to future generations. And it’s nice to think that nowadays grandparents around the world are still telling their grandchildren amazing stories.

We sow flowers, plants and also values.

The legend protagonists are avocados and a couple of fugitive lovers. What did we say about legends… that they are sometimes bizarre? There you go. Here is an extravagant and weird example: it tells how stars and constellations formed, passing through love and avocado seeds.

Seriokai was a man who loved avocados and spent his days picking and eating them.

One day, a tapir entered Seriokai’s village and met his wife. The tapir, a mischievous creature, attracted the woman and somehow made her fall madly in love with him.

We do not want to comment to on her tastes. Though she had been bewitched, a tapir still remains a tapir!

On the following day, Seriokai returned to pick some avocados, while his wife was looking for firewood.

While Seriokai was coming down from a tree, the woman hit him with a stick. While Seriokai fell injured, she ran away with the tapir, stealing the basket full of avocados.

Despite the pain in his leg, Seriokai ran immediately in search of the two lovers. He found a trail of avocado trees growing in the forest and followed it.

Seriokai arrived at the end of the world, where he found the fugitives. Blinded with anger, he shot an arrow, which struck the tapir in the eye. Screaming in pain, the beast leaped into the sky, followed by his lover. Seriokai pursued them, and to this day the three can be seen when night falls. Seriokai is represented by the Orion constellation, while his wife is the cluster of stars that we call Pleiades. The tapir corresponds to another cluster of stars, today called Hyades, still with a bleeding eye.

One positive note about this dramatic story, is that of the trees born from the fallen avocados… Last year, in Guidi’s Greenwood, Kenya, we planted avocados. But we preferred to put the seeds in the earth, in a more traditional way. Our plants are small, but it takes time for a tree to grow.

They will soon reach a height of 15-20 metres, so also our avocados will reach the stars!